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Talk: Allu Arjun Wants A Rangasthalam!


Rangasthalam as we all know that this movie was the biggest hit in Ram Charan’s career. Just not only the movie had gave a huge appreciation for his acting done in this movie. The rural mileu and Charan’s rugged and innocent character offered even hardcore Mega fans a unique experience. 

Now, there are rumors that Charan’s cousin Allu Arjun is looking the similar script with which he can continue the aura of Rangasthalam. Apparently, Bunny is telling writer to come up with a smilar script with the same feel of Rangasthalam. 

It was also said that Bunny was supposed to team up with Virkam Kumar for his next movie. It was said the Vikram had narrated a classic story for Bunny but, her was not too convinced with it since he was looking for a mass and village based entertainer. It also looks like Bunny’s search to zero in on the perfect script will take some more time. 

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