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Rajaratham Movie Review And Rating

Rajaratham Movie Is Totally With Newcomers Except Aarya.Neerup Bhandari and Avanthika Shetty are New Comers Of The Movie Its Tamil Dubbed Movie.According To The Trailer We Can Say The Basic highlight Of The movie Is”Rana Daggubati”

In which Rana Says About The Story Of # Youngsters With His Base Voice and about The Importance Of The Bus Which It Plays a keyrole In The movie and The Movie Revolves around Hero and Heroine In which The Rajaratham(bus) Influences The Life of the Hero and Heroine In Their Real Lifes Is the Main Plot Of The movie.

So You Have To see On The Big Screen So This could Be A Different movie in The recent In which a Bus playus a Keyrole in the movie [previsiously A telugu Hit movie”Maryada Rammanna” Was the Movie in which a Cycle plays a Character role in The movie Which Mass raja Raviteja Gave The VoiceOver To The Cycle And It Is directed By Bahubali Director “SS.Rajamouli”.

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