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Is Dil Raju Scared Of This Film?

Dil Raju is one of the dynamic producer in the film industry. He had done many big budget movies but never scared of them for the release, it looks like he is scared of a medium budget film. Apparently, Dil Raju is worried very about Vijay Deverakonda’s upcoming movie Geetha Govindam is releasing only 6 days after his latest film Nithiin’s Srinivasa Kalyanam which is going to hit the screens on this August 9th.

Recently Geetha Govindam team had launched the Teaser of the movie which had attracted all the youth. On the other had Srinivasa Kalyanam is a family oriented promotions are lagging behind in the race. Due to the factor, Dil Raju even ensured that Srinivasa kalyanam’s teaser was fully loaded with romantic vibes to divert young audiences’ attending from Geetha Govindam. 

Also, Dil Raju even requested Geetha Govindam’s team to postpone their teaser by a day and Geetha Govindam’s team went on to release a poster announcing the same. 

Dil Raju believes that Srinivasa Kalyanam will be as bigger a hit as Bommarillu, and he is trying hard to minimize Geetha Govindam’s impact on his film. However, it is still a Herculean task for him to control Vijay Deverakonda, who has created a strong bond with his ‘Rowdy’ fans.

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