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“After Marriage your curves have increased…” – Director makes remarks on Nazriya!


In most case’s actresses who enter in the a married life don’t care much about their looks or physique. The Mallu beauty Nazriya Nazi, Who married to mallu sensational actor, and the national award winner Fahadh Faasil, was no exception , as she too had entered into this list of actresses.

Probably she might have never thought of making a return to films at all that she had gained weight and looked strikingly different from how she used to be in the past. That was when Anjali Menon, the director who had made Bangalore days with Nazriya and Fahadh together for the first time, She again wanted to direct Nazriya and had approached her.

However looking her plump transformation, she was shocked and had expressed her shock on how Nazriya had turned from a cute girl to a fat one. However, Anjali Menon was formin in casting Nazriya in the movie, and had given her numerous tips and fitness training and had then shot her movie with Nazriya after making her get back to the her old slim and cute best looks. Now, the movie is titled Koode and costarring Prithviraj and Parvthy is all set for release next month. 

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